Performance Management

We can help you design an effective performance management system. But we must warn you-if you just want us to send you a standard form, don’t ask.

We believe that your performance management system (and yes, it can include forms) should be closely matched to whatever you’re trying to accomplish with it. And we also like to see supervisors (and employees!) trained to make the most of the system.

Questions for You

If you decide to design your own system, here are some basic questions that you should be able to answer.

  • Why are we doing this, and what will this evaluation be used for?
  • What did you want the employee to do during this period?
  • How should he/she have done it, i.e., what were you measuring?
  • How can you prove that he/she knew what he/she was supposed to do and how he/she was supposed to do it?
  • Have you told him/her specifically if/where he/she’s done a good job?
  • Have you told him/her specifically if/where you want something changed? If yes, have you told him/her what to expect if it doesn’t change?
  • Are you surprising him/her with negative feedback instead of advising right away that there was a problem?
  • Do you know what’s on his/her mind regarding job and performance? How do you know?
  • What can we do to further develop his/her opportunities in this organization?
  • When will there be another discussion about this?
  • How will you be able to prove that we had this conversation?
  • What do you want the employee to focus on next period?
  • How do you want it done (i.e., standards; what will you be measuring)?