HR Compliance Audits

If you have employees, whether it is two or two hundred, you are subject to certain federal and state employment laws. HRxpress will help you identify and satisfy the obligations that apply to your company, depending upon its size and industry. Non-compliance in these areas can expose your company to the risk of fines and/or litigation.

Why would you conduct an audit?
  • You are concerned with risk management.
  • You are concerned about changes in employment laws that may affect your current practices.
 Items covered in a basic compliance Audit include:
  • Required postings
  • Applicable Wage Order(s)
  • Federal regulations based on company size
  • State and local regulations based on company size
  • Required leaves
  • EEO requirements
  • Record retention requirements
  • Application forms
  • Legal interviewing questions
  • OSHA & Cal-OSHA requirements
HRxpress also conducts comprehensive audits that cover all employment practices areas.

In addition to the basic compliance items above, a comprehensive audit includes:

  • Recruiting and hiring practices
  • Employee policies and practices
  • Job descriptions
  • Performance management practices
  • Disciplinary practices
  • Termination procedures
  • Illness & Injury Prevention Program
  • Workers Compensation procedures
  • Compensation and Benefits practices
  • Training
  • Company culture