HR Administrative Systems

To set up your HR systems, you will need a number of procedures, forms, and checklists. These systems will save you time and money and provide a consistent method for treating employees fairly. HRxpress can set them up and advise you.

You will need systems for:

  • Collecting and keeping the required I-9 immigration forms
  • Setting up and maintaining personnel files
  • Records retention
  • Handling applications and resumes
  • Administering payroll

You will need the necessary government forms and brochures:

  • Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate
  • I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification
  • Federal posters
  • State posters
  • OSHA & Cal-OSHA safety forms
  • Sexual harassment
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • State Disability Insurance
  • CA Paid Family Leave
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Exit compliance documents (COBRA, ERISA, etc.)

We also provide customized forms with your company logo and address:

  • Employment Application
  • Sample offer letters
  • Employment Agreements
  • Performance Evaluation Forms
  • Disciplinary Notices
  • Change in Employment Status
  • Request for leave
  • Request to make up time
  • Company property return agreements
  • Exit interviews

Checklists will streamline your processes and provide valuable documentation:

  • New Hire Checklists
  • Employee Orientation
  • Employee Safety Training
  • Termination Checklists