Client Projects

Here are some of the projects we’ve enjoyed across industries!

National Retail Chain

This company had over 100 stores throughout the U.S. with headquarters in Santa Barbara. In addition to needing their policies reviewed and updated, they were concerned about store managers handling difficult situations that could open the company to lawsuits, particularly situations involving termination of employment. They contracted with HRxpress to run a “hotline” for managers, and managers were prohibited from terminating any employee without first contacting HRxpress for coaching. The result was a layer of protection and appropriate documentation before final decisions were submitted to the corporate office.


This company has 65 regular employees and up to 400 seasonal employees. HRxpress was contracted on a retainer basis to be the virtual HR department, with presence on-site as needed. We also provided the company with an employee handbook in both English and Spanish.

Technology Start-up

With 20 employees and growing, this company used HRxpress to assess their present and future obligations to federal and state requirements affecting employers. HRxpress provided a customized “start-up” package containing all applicable employment forms and training on how to use them, required posters, employee handbook, and IIPP. This enabled their new HR manager to concentrate on the company’s recruitment efforts and other critical issues.

Public Agency

This agency wanted a full-scale employee survey and asked HRxpress to help design the questions and to receive and analyze the results at the HRxpress office to ensure confidentiality and objectivity. The results and HRxpress recommendations were so useful that the agency decided to survey annually.


Benefits administration was outsourced to HRxpress on a retainer basis so that the Director could focus primarily on organizational development. After the benefits staff was increased HRxpress switched to assisting with management, organizational, and policy development projects, and is on call for questions, assistance, and troubleshooting.


This very busy HR department needed an extra pair of hands to help them accomplish a review of their compensation structure, market salaries and internal equity. This resulted in developing a broader approach to their pay structure, providing the flexibility they needed to address their specific pay issues.


A furniture manufacturer in Los Angeles was surprised with a visit from OSHA. They needed a written Illness & Injury Prevention Plan in a hurry, along with written safety plans for a Respiratory Protection Program and a Hearing Conservation Program. They saved $15,000 in fines by coming into compliance.